Christina Tsantekidou’s practice employs a wide range of materials to address complex histories of cultural identity and universal themes of human nature.  Focusing on social, political, and psychological subject matter, she explores the nature of our existence, where reflections on circumstances of the past bring an awareness of the present.

In many works, she explores historical narratives of which little may be known or where facts are opaque, misconstrued, or disputed.  As these stories can frequently be lost to time, Tsantekidou gives voice to the often-unheard protagonists, and sheds light on accepted truths and denied positions present in these particular conditions. Whether autobiographical, collected from firsthand accounts, or originating through research, Tsantekidou’s works find continuity between these diverse themes and subjects, allowing for the consideration of our complex, intertwined histories.  

Christina Tsantekidou was born in 1987 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), Russia, and grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece.  She lives and works in Berlin.

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